Hello. I think you may have. Read this paragraph I wrote. Perhaps you misread it.

“While not all conservatives harbor racial animus, the fact is that the “people of color as boogeyman” argument is one that has been historically propagated by the parochial, isolationist, political right for decades. From the cold war era to the Reagan Years to the present. Non -whites , in particular, Black People and more recently, Arabs (who certain racist Whites derisively refer to as sand niggers), have always bore the brunt of such of fear and hostility. While many of the attitudes harbored by this segment of Whites was/is irrational and unfounded, such pre-conceived notions, fears and suspicions were rampant. Moreover, many White people proudly touted such beliefs without apology. This includes some so-called White liberals as well. A number of them (white liberals) who are not nearly as progressive on race as they deem themselves to be.”

Written by

Historian, public speaker, social-cultural critic. Professor of African American and Gender Studies, Post-WWII U.S. History, at East Tennessee State University.

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