I would argue that many Black and non-White people have offered more than a few olive branches to the larger White community. While many have accepted the offer, many more have not or are still on the fence when it comes to racial conciliation or racial inclusion. To be frank, since I was a young child, I have always embraced integration and its principles.

That being said, like the late, great, cultural critic James Baldwin stated. I am not willing to, with blind faith to carelessly adhere to the message of the dominant culture (White America) given past and present History without witnessing a genuine and sustained willingness from Whites to sincerely confront the real problems of systemic and systematic racism that is still rampant in our nation.

Too many Whites are only interested in discussing issues that are surface based, non-threatening, make them feel good, and having dialogue for the sake of dialogue. My response to such a limited position, )and I would say that I speak for more than few non-Whites), is no thanks! Change cn only occur once White America decides to come to grips with and address the current state of affairs plaguing our nation in a genuine, committed manner.

Written by

Historian, public speaker, social-cultural critic. Professor of African American and Gender Studies, Post-WWII U.S. History, at East Tennessee State University.

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